"Olivia Stevens portrays an Anita rich with emotions. She's convincing both in tantalizing joy and the deepest grief. Her slow transformation from hatred to compassion with Maria who claims to love the man who's killed her beloved is gripping"

Calle Pauli, Dagens Nyheter

"She's a Leading Lady on stage, both as an actress and a singer"

Marianne Holm, Hallandsposten

"Olivia Stevens as Anita is the funniest, the wildest and the hottest on stage regardless of whether she sways her Spanish skirts or curves around in tight miniskirts. Her furious song 'A Boy Like That' suits her deep voice perfectly"

Annika Burholm, Västerbottens Folkblad


Gunnar Andersson, Jönköpings-Posten

"Olivia Stevens renders an outstanding performance...Not only can she sing and act but she dances like a Goddess and has a charisma that blows you away"

Örjan Arwidsson, Bergslagsposten

"Olivia Stevens delivered an exceptionally exhilarating performance. She literally owned the stage."

Hans Lingblom, Östersundsposten

"...plays with great confidence"

Sven Malm, Svenska Dagbladet

"What a delight to watch Olivia Stevens..."

Liselotte Karlberg, Falköpings Tidning

"A superb performance..."

Lars-Ola Johansson, Östra Småland

"...a stagepersona full of passion and temperament..."

Anders Pauser, Västerpostens-Kuriren

"Olivia Stevens deserves special praise - especially for her accomplished singing"

Patrik Uhlman, Eskilstuna-Kuriren

"...a special round of applauds for Olivia Stevens. She's got It!"

Malin Bengtsson, Västeråstidningen

"...deeply engaging"

Bertil Danielsson, Ludvika Bladet


"Sally Bowles is magnificently portrayed by Olivia Stevens. She's excellent all the way through in both acting and delivery of lines...she is completely radiant when she tells the story of her best friend and naively claims that Life is a Cabaret"

Tony Kaplan, Arbetet

"Miss Stevens...sings explosively like a young Liza Minelli"

Leif Zern, Dagens Nyheter

"...she devours the old standards and scores many stage points...She takes over the stage like a tornado. Always seductive, always desperate, always in bad company"

Lisbeth Larsson, Expressen

"Forget Minelli! Olivia Stevens has a star quality and voice that makes you forget about the movie's Liza Minelli"

Barbro Westling, Expressen

"Sally is the fire and the fireworks at the same time and Olivia Stevens is irresistibly charming in the role. She audaciously takes charge and lets herself become the center around which all the action revolves. The first hit of the evening is her Lieber Herr and Maybe This Time is a showstopper that sends shivers down your spine"

Ulf Persson, NST/Hallandsposten

"Miss Stevens makes a tour de force performance as Sally Bowles...she is brilliant!"

Helena Holmkrantz, Trelleborgs Allehanda

"Olivia Stevens is still absolutely outstanding as Sally Bowles...delightfully moving in singing, diction and action. In intelligent interpretation...Well done!"

Tony Kaplan, Arbetet

"Olivia Stevens sings well and brings a mixture of manic ness and naiveté to her Sally"

Lars Ring, Sydsvenska Dagbladet

"Olivia Stevens portrays Sally as the unaware, bold, and immoral figure who's shaped and tempted by the decadent life in Berlin...her characterization unveils a crudeness but also moments of girlish weakness...her rendition of the Cabaret song is especially impressive"

Ingemar Olander, Kristianstad Bladet

"...Olivia Steven's Sally Bowles tempts us with her savvies, her naive joie de vivre and suggestive singing - her voice and expressiveness bring forth a delightful interpretation. Her Sally...has a personality and allure that makes her fascinating"

Lars Olof Carlsson, Helsingborgs Dagblad

"Miss Stevens, who plays...Sally Bowles with a frisky unawareness and elastic body, is striking in the extraordinary show scenes"

Chris Olin, Smålandsposten

"Olivia Stevens gives us a new rendition of Sally Bowles. She has a refreshing distance to the character"

Per Hägred, IDAG

"Olivia Stevens, spilled into a leather corset and slimmed pants and armed with major voice resources, immediately makes it clear that from now on she is Sally Bowles"

Nina Hansen, Norra Skåne

"Olivia Stevens triumphs in her big Cabaret song"

Carl Håkan Larsén, Sydsvenska Dagbladet


"Olivia Stevens...without uttering a single syllable, renders a magnificent performance..."

James G Shine, Annandale-on–Hudson Magazine


"Olivia Stevens plays the daughter with energy and presence"

Lars-Olof Franzén, Dagens Nyheter

"The actors' lines bounce around the stage and actually, so do the actors - at least Olivia Stevens. Olivia Stevens is convincing both in the powerful scenes with the mother and with Jonathan - but especially in the mirror monologues..."

Inger Hullberg, Nerikes Allehanda


"Olivia Steven's big, deep voice and glowing charisma warmed us up"

Johnny Westling, Hallands Nyheter

"The powerful Olivia Stevens is utterly exquisite, with superb diction and movement"

Stig Jonasson, Smålandsposten

"Olivia Stevens displays her wide range as an actress"

Marita Wass

"Miss Stevens has a great voice and charming stage presence – I've got her under my skin"

Eva Westberg, Nya Wermlands-Tidningen

"Olivia Stevens is a superb singer. I remember her with delight from The National Touring Theatre's mega production of West Side Story"

Marianne Holm, Hallandsposten


"...Olivia Steven's fairy-like and 'good witch' is a jackpot; Extraordinarily unpredictable. Thrilling and completely 'spellbinding'"

Tony Kaplan, Arbetet


"Brilliant...a performance of high professional standards"

Agneta Pleijel, Dagens Nyheter