Kabaret Verboten
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  • Lotterieagentens Tango
  • Ich bin die Marie von der Haller-Revue
  • Dressur

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"A fantastic musical experience...a seamless show about life on the brink of death."
Teater Stockholm

"A colorful singing actress...brilliant!"
Svenska Dagbladet

"...shimmering moments when everything falls into place"
Dagens Nyheter

The thirties. Berlin. Kabaret Katakombe. The radiant actress Petronella greets us through secret doors and alleys. She tells the story of her life in a world where one has to fit the mould to survive. But Goebbels has made a decree that forbids the decadent cabarets and Petronella can only survive as long as she entertains the officers in the audience. How much is she willing to compromise to save her own skin? At any time the Gestapo might knock on the door. Goebbels has a warrant out for her arrest and Petronella lives from moment to moment. The only way to live is quickly, hot and now...

Kabaret Verboten takes place during the last intense minutes of the progressive mid-war era. A Europe with strong subcultures and room for experiments and diversity was changed by a devastating backlash. Kabaret Verboten is a show featuring the Jewish songs that were forbidden by Hitler. Savvy, edgy, and relevant now more than ever. This is a celebration to all the brave people who dare to make their voices heard.


The Lotteryseller's Song, I am a Vamp, Dressur, Attilla the Hun, Illussions, When the Special Girlfriend, Chuck all the Men out of The Reichtag!, Schtil die nacht, The Lavender Song

Director: Johan Huldt
Starring: Olivia Stevens
Musical Director and Pianist: Bjarne Löwdin
Script: Olivia Stevens and Kent Ekberg
Lyrics: Jeremy Lawrence och Olivia Stevens
Photos: Elzbieta Heinel & Torkel Knutsson